Book Review: Brothers of War, by Lew Holt

December 5, 2011

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Book Review: Brothers of War, by Lew Holt

A remarkable book of letters and conversations, illustrating the value of ferreting out the historical context of an ancestor’s life and ways of telling the story.

Source: Genealogy Book Reviews

Published: 03/Dec/2011

WWII Japanese photo album

May 14, 2010

During WWII it was common for Japanese soldiers to carry photo albums. Such an album was found on New Guinea in 1942/43 by a cousin’s husband of Alice’s mother. April, 2010 NPR had an interview of a lady who had such an album and was looking for a relative of the man who had the album when he was in the army during WWII. I wrote to the blog and was answered by a Japanese grad student at Denver University. In a couple of weeks he located a daughter of one of the soldiers whose picture was in the album. I sent the album to her. I have not heard back from her.

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Fiddlers and Lew Holt

March 10, 2009

Here is a web site that my friend, Dina, has written.

You might  enjoy it, I bet you will. There is a lot of fiddle information.

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Brothers of War

December 25, 2008

Thanks for checking in with my blog. I have written a book about my brother at Pearl Harbor, the USS Phoenix leading to my brother’s death and the Phoenix being sunk during the Falkland Island War.

Please check the following web site for details on the book.